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Today’s lunch 27.02.2015

I packed this lunch last night when I cooked dinner. We had teriyaki chicken sushi last night as it was too hot to eat anything else. So in went some mini sushi I made with my new sushi maker mould. I also popped in some capsicum, apple, sugar free banana bread and love heart shaped cheese. I hope she likes it. Another day of a sandwich free lunchbox, yahoo!

Marlee actually requested a sandwich for her lunchbox when I asked what she wanted packed. But I said no and that she can have sandwiches at home only sometimes and she was totally fine with it which was great. I’m one proud mum!


Lunch for tomorrow 26.02.2015

So the folding isn’t done and put away but Marlee’s lunch for tomorrow is packed after I cooked some savoury biscuits! I am not feeling the best today after a crappy sleep and overall feeling a bit off so cooking is my therapy. I love it! And since going sandwich free for the kids lunches I have kept thinking I should make some sort of savory biscuit to pack in there. Well I did it! I used the recipe from The Road To Loving My Thermomixer and did some alterations by using freshly milled spelt grains for flour, I used homemade chicken stock paste instead of the salt and to give a bit of a chicken flavour and I added some sesame seeds, about two tablespoons of them mixed in. I also left out the herbs and garlic powder I think it was as well. Anyway, they are a success with my son, he is loving them! Now to test Marlee tomorrow at school. I have packed her some plain sour cream to dip them in, capsicum sticks, lettuce rolled up, a sugar free pikelet with butter and an apple soaked i salty water and rinsed before packing to prevent it from going brown. I hope she likes it!


Tomorrow’s lunch 23.02.2015

We had chicken and salad rice paper roll ups for dinner and Marlee agreed to having some in her lunch tomorrow. Problem solved with what to pack instead of a sandwich, yahoo! She also has cheese, a pikelet cut up with butter on it and some of the cheese and Vegemite yogurt dough scrolls we cooked today. I hope she likes it all. I need to go to the shops tomorrow and stock up on capsicums, fruit and a few other things…

Oh and a hot tip a friend of mine told me was to wrap the rice papers in a damp paper towel to keep it moist and from sticking or drying out. When I told Marlee it was wrapped in paper her response was ‘what if I forget to take it off?’ I said well you will be eating paper with your lunch. She laughed and thought it was funny, let’s hope she remembers! 😀


Lunch for tomorrow 20.02.2015

Well I have put it out there as a challenge for myself and anyone who wants to join me- to send sandwich free lunches for the kids in their lunch boxes. Instead of starting next week I thought I would send Marlee’s first official sandwich free lunch tomorrow. Inside I have packed marinated chicken wings, salad, homemade sugar free pikelet with butter and an apple cut up. Yum yum! I hope she enjoys it.