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My daughters first day of prep…

So it’s my daughters first day at prep today. She woke up and was so excited to go. Last night I had some mixed feelings of her starting, mainly around stranger danger and her being safe without us being with her. I was worried as we hadn’t had the proper stranger danger talk yet so we did that last night and now I’m feeling a lot more calmer. She went to school great and was happy as just chilling, colouring in and taking it all in. We are so proud of her and can’t wait to hear how her day went.

Have a great day beautiful girl and enjoy your yummy lunch, I will post what’s inside it below for others to get ideas from as well.

Inside her lunchbox- homemade leftover teriyaki chicken sushi we made yesterday, rock melon cut into cubes, 2 leftover boiled eggs, a thick slice from the cheese block cut into sticks (heaps cheaper this way!), homemade processed sugar and sugar free banana bread (find it here- https://lunchboxideasforkids.wordpress.com/2014/11/11/my-daughters-lunch-for-tomorrow-and-some-recipes/) and some capsicum cut into sticks. I hope she likes it! Have a great day all those kids going to school and I hope all the parents have a great day too! (And all the wonderful teachers too!)