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Great meal ideas from Monica at The Chocolate Frog Diet. 

My name is Monica Siemsen. 11 years ago I started the Chocolate Frog Diet to help people understand they did not have to be hungry all the time, spend countless hours in a gym or live on shakes to lose weight. Over the years I have shared many journeys with many people from all different backgrounds and one thing has always been the same in every case. People are lonely and need support which is where I come in. When I put a program together I have to fit the program into many different lifestyles so I have lots of ideas on how to do that because we are all different. One of the many things I do is give people ideas on what to take for lunch. Some people are at home, some on the road, some in offices, some in a mine but no matter what you do I can work out a personal plan for you. I even have to have a plan for myself as I work all odd hours to fit in with my clients. Lunches are often hard to get right because you can run out of ideas. Winter is coming so what we want is lots of warm comfort food and that is no problem. Soups, stews, casseroles with a mountain bread wrap fits the bill on a cold winters day. If you are lucky enough to have access to a sandwich maker you can make and freeze your favourite sandwich or wrap then toast at lunch time. A cold apple for morning tea does not seem nearly as inviting on a winters day as a lovely big mug of homemade pumpkin soup. Summer is harder I believe because there is only so many salads you can eat but a salad does not have to be boring. I have lots of ideas for many different and very yummy salads and recipes for sugar free muffins, biscuits and cakes. I have to have those because I have grandchildren who come over to stay who would not like it if they came to Nanny’ place and there was no treats. Life is way too short not to have Love Fun and Good Food in it. 

What to eat and when to eat to be healthy both physically and mentally is always a challenge.
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and they are so right.
The when to eat is easy. Think of your eating plan every day as an upside down triangle. Eat your largest meal at breakfast and your smallest one at dinner and ideally eat every 3 hours. Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner. Have dinner as early as you can. Go to bed empty but not hungry.
One thing I do know and that is you can’t do this on your own and that is where The Chocolate Frog Diet comes in. We will totally support you on your journey towards health. Check out some of the very happy clients under the testimonial tab on our website http://www.chocolatefrogdiet.com.au Some have even put their phone numbers on there so you can call them personally to ask about their journey.
Below are some meal suggestions. If you would like some more information please contact me (Monica Siemsen) at The Chocolate Frog Diet mobile: 0407738620 or email: info@choolatefrogdiet.com.au
Dinner Ideas (All can be frozen into individual serves or family size)
· Use packet soups for a tasty sauce on meat fish chicken etc. Don’t put full amount of water to make a thicker sauce. Two serves per packet.
· Tomato and onion gravy. Put tomatoes and onion into saucepan with one teaspoon butter and some salt and pepper and simmer till cook and thick
· Casseroles and stews are the easiest. Brown meat, chicken, fish, pork or lamb whatever you are using Brown the onions and vegetables. Use whatever stock (fresh, powder, cubes) you prefer and then thicken with gravy mix or plain flour or have enough sweet potato/ potato that will naturally thicken it. Serve with steam fresh vegetables or Slendier pasta/rice or Riceme pasta/rice. These casseroles can be frozen cooked or raw.
· Soups whatever sort you like served with a mountain bread and steamed vegetables
· Quiche cooked into muffin pans served with salad
· Savoury mince loaded with lots of vegetables can be put into mountain bread with a grate of cheese and browned under the grill, or just have a bowl.
· Fritters. Put lots of vegetables and some protein into a basic batter cook in a non-stick pan that you have sprayed. Add some curry powder to the batter makes a really yummy fritter.
· Toasted wraps. Take one mountain bread put whatever protein you want put 2 grates of cheese wrap and freeze then when you want something nice to go with your soup thaw and toast.
Or maybe you are into calorie counting so here is some ideas
Chicken Stew: 600 grams chicken breast, 2 small potatoes in jacket, 2 small onions, 200 grams mushrooms, and 100 grams sweet potato, 1 teas chicken Vegetta stock, 2 teaspoons select chicken gravy mix. Total = 1310 calories
Total calories per 2 cups = 327 calories
Pumpkin Soup: 3 kg pumpkin, 300 grams sweet potato, 3 large onions, 1 kg carrots, 600ml light cream, 4 teaspoon Vegetta vegetable stock nearly cover with water. Total = 2645 calories
Total calories per 1 cup = 132 calories
Turkey Mince Rissoles: 500gms turkey mince, 2 small onions diced, 1 egg Makes 6
Total calories per rissole = 144
Take Care and Stay Healthy,


Monica Siemsen



Monica Siemsen

Mobile: 0407738620

Email: Info@chocolatefrogdiet.com.au

Web: http://www.chocolatefrogdiet.com.au



Lunchbox inspiration …

Here is some lunchbox inspiration for you all from the last month or so from what I pack for my kids and I.  I hope this gives you some ideas on what to pack or how to pack things. Feel free to leave any feedback in the comments. Or better yet, email me on anita@lunchboxideasforkids.com.au and send me your photos and descriptions of what you pack your kids and I will share it on my blog! 

Have a great day! 

From Anita 😊


Cooked plain pasta, grapes, cheese, capsicum, ham and apple.   

Chicken and salad rice paper rolls, capsicum, jatz and grapes.   

Cooked chicken, avocado, apple, jatz,and capsicum.  

Lettuce as wraps with egg omelette, carrot sticks, garlic aioli and kimchi to go inside.   

Apple, capsicum, cheese and Vegemite in mountain bread wraps and jatz.


Zucchini slice, capsicum, grapes, avocado mashed with some jatz for dipping. 

Homemade teriyaki chicken sushi, cheese cut into shapes with cookie cutters, apple, capsicum and sugar free coconut bread muffin with butter.     

Zucchini slice, capsicum, celery, grapes and a poached egg inside a silicon muffin case.   

Apple, cheese block cut into sticks, zucchini slice, capsicum, carrot sliced, leftover roast chicken and eggs poached in silicon muffin cases.  Zucchini slice, capsicum, apple, butter on wholemeal bread and half an avocado. 

Cheese and Vegemite on mountain bread wraps, half an avocado, jatz and capsicum.     

Homemade bread rolls with butter, ham, cheese, apple cubed, half an avocado and carrot sticks.   Rice paper rolls with chicken and salad inside (wrapped in moist paper towel to keep them together good without sticking), grapes, premium biscuits, capsicum and half an avocado.   Chicken and salad wrap held together with a silicon band from Little Bento World, shredded cheese, capsicum and some grapes.   Capsicum, Apple with cores cut out, zucchini slice and jatz. Apple, capsicum, half an avocado and wraps with Vegemite and cheese rolled and cut like sushi.  


Mandarin, capsicum, sugar free pikelets my other half cooked, leftover chicken and mountain bread wraps with Vegemite and cheese inside.   

Capsicum, cheese, leftover chicken nuggets with tomato sauce and half an avocado. 

Salada biscuits with Vegemite, cheese, capsicum, ham and persimmon sliced.     Zucchini slice, sugar free pikelets with butter, strawberries and shredded cheese. Sugar free coconut bread muffin with butter, strawberries, grapes, boiled egg, shredded cheese and zucchini slice.   Wraps with Vegemite and cheese, boiled egg, shredded cheese, capsicum and sugar free banana bread muffin with butter.   

Savoury cheese and veg muffin, tomato sauce for dipping, Apple slices with core cut with small cookie cutters, capsicum, grapes and cheese and Vegemite on wraps.   

Sugar free pikelets with butter, savoury biscuits with sour cream as dip, apple, lettuce leaves and capsicum. 

Cheese and Vegemite on wraps, grated carrot, plain homemade popcorn, shredded cheese, capsicum and sugar free pikelets with butter. 



Grated carrot, zucchini slice, plain homemade popcorn, shredded cheese and sugar free pikelets with butter.   

Zucchini slice, capsicum, cheese and Vegemite wraps, tomato sauce in the container for dipping and sugar free pikelets with butter.