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Today’s lunches 17.02.2015

Today is my sons first day back at daycare one day a week since October last year. I think I may be more excited about it compared to him! He will love it and have so much fun and it gives me time to catch up on a few things around the house etc. It will do him good to go do something without me again too and to interact with other kids again some more. Anyway, the kids lunches are packed.

In the Yumbox is: homemade banana bread with butter, cheese and Vegemite wrap, capsicum, rock melon, apple and some cheese. In the easy lunchbox I have: savory veg muffin loaf, homemade banana bread with butter, apple, capsicum and a Vegemite and cheese wrap.



Lunch for 08.02.2015

Anyone else feeling slack? I should be cooking dinner or doing folding but instead I did my daughters lunch for school as I don’t find that a chore. I hope she loves her apple that is sliced thinly and I used cookie cutters to take out the core bit.

Packed inside is a savoury veg muffin with no added sugar tomato sauce to dip in, capsicum, apple, grapes and a Vegemite and cheese wrap rolled and cut into pieces like sushi.

I hope Marlee enjoys it!


I love it when lunch is already packed for me!😊

Thank god I packed my lunchbox yesterday to use for the next couple of days. I got home and was busy doing things before and then suddenly realized I was hungry. So I grabbed out my fuel bento lunchbox (I got from Munchbox Mini) that was packed of goodies, heated my steak, cabbage, mushies and asparagus that were in there (how handy is that! I didn’t have to take it out of the lunchbox!) and then I heated some coconut flour flatbreads/wraps I made yesterday that were in the freezer and I was good to go! I am loving it! I couldn’t fit them both in as I was full.

Oh and my son loved me packing him his panino Yumbox lunchbox to take when we were in town catching up with a friend for coffee as he got to munch and have his babycino while I relaxed and caught up with a friend too. And well, my daughter as always loves having her easy lunchbox (from Little Bento World) packed and in the fridge at school. Oh and I used the square egg shapers (from Little Bento World) for the first time last night with some boiled eggs, Marlee is over the moon to have them as they have words on them. I hope I did them right, next time I think I need bigger eggs as mine kind of turned out like diamonds not square shapes, and that’s because of the user not because of the product.

So here we have it- all of our lunches for today!





Lunch for tomorrow 04.02.2015

I have packed Marlee’s lunch for tomorrow. It’s a nice and easy one for me tonight. A wrap with Vegemite and grated cheese, rock melon, a sugar free pikelet with butter and some frozen plain spaghetti with olive oil mixed through to stop it from drying out. I hope she likes it.

***A tip for anyone using fruit in their lunch boxes that aren’t leakproof- use some folded paper towel underneath and on top to stop any liquid from leaking out.***