We love hearing what you think about us here at Lunchbox ideas for kids : ) please email me your suggestions, ways we can improve and what you love about us at lunchboxideasforkids@mail.com or comment below so I can add your testimonial for others to read.

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From Anita : )

One thought on “Testimonials:”

  1. Thank you Anita for finally starting your blog the world so needs you to do this.

    It has been my pleasure over the past 12 months to watch Anita care and grow her Facebook page to the point that she has over 8000 followers registered. Anita has dedicated herself to helping 1,000’s of people give their children better food without the stress and worry.
    Anita has made it her mission to research as many ideas as possible and to encourage people to put forward their ideas to help provide many simple ideas for the very busy Mum’s and Dad’s out there to use.
    As a Mum and as a person Anita is always trying to better herself whilst trying to help as many people as she can.
    I am proud to count Anita as a friend as well as a colleague in this mine field we both play in where we try to help people understand what is good and what is bad about our current food supply.

    Enjoy your day 🙂

    Take Care and Stay Healthy,
    Monica Siemsen
    Mobile: 0407738620
    Email: info@chocolatefrogdiet.com.au
    Web: http://www.chocolatefrogdiet.com.au


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