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Make packing lunches easier, healthier and more fun by purchasing home-made food knowing you don’t have to pack processed food and enjoy the night off from cooking at a great price! Feel great eating your ready to heat and eat meals that are fresh and made with love by Anita.


Anita is a certified Food Handling Supervisor who has a passion for cooking and helping others. She loves creating and cooking healthy, home-made meals and lunch box food and will be offering this service to families and people in the Cassowary Coast area in the next couple of months. It will be on a pre-order basis where orders and payment are made and then processed on the next cooking day of each week.

If you would rather Anita coming to your house preparing and         cooking food ready to use for the week, contact Anita on                      0431 846 224 and she can discuss pricing, availability and details. 



helping make packing lunches easier, healthier and more fun!

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