What are your go-to easy lunchbox fillers? 

So I was packing the kids lunches earlier and now I’m thinking, to make life easier this week I am going to sort some lunchbox fillers I can make or prepare and have ready to grab and pack easily. I used to be really good at having all of that handy and I have not been as organised lately. I’m thinking of cutting up capsicum in chunks, rockmelon, vegemite on wraps and freezing them (rolled and cut like sushi), Vegemite scrolls, plain cooked pasta, boiled eggs, homemade vanilla yoghurt, cooked bacon, apples cut and soaked in salty water to stop browning… what else could I do? I like simple things that don’t have much prep time and that are pretty healthy. I also love doing things that don’t need much washing up, as that’s even more work! Anyway I would love to hear what you all pack as great lunchbox fillers that your kids love… comment below your ideas. 
Have a great week and let’s make packing lunches easy and fun (or at least not so tedious!). 

Happy packing!👍

💖Anita 😊

P.S. here is some lunchspiration – some old photos I found on my phone!

OmieBox Lunchboxes from Bambino Love

We love using your OmieBox Lunchboxes… whether they are filled with hot or cold foods, they are a great size, they are easy to clean and my kids love taking them to school. They are easy to open and carry to school and you can get them from www.bambinolove.com.au. Thank you for a great product Bambino Love! My kids used to fight over the first one we had so we got a second one to stop the fights… check them out!

Some mornings I heat leftovers or spaghetti bolognaise and then put it in the thermos for my kids lunches (follow the instructions to do this). When they open it at the first break around 11am it is still warm and yummy to eat, they love it! They even store the whole lunchbox in the fridge, it’s amazing that it doesn’t get cold from being in there! If you want a lunchbox that has the ability to store hot and cold food at the same time, this is the one to get!

A great reminder to lead by example…

This is a reminder for all parents, and definitely a great reminder for myself as well. Lead by example and your children will follow… It’s only day 2 of me changing my eating habits for healthier ones (holidays were a massive blow out, as well as the 6 or so months before it, haha) and my daughter requested she could have lettuce wraps for dinner and in her lunch for tomorrow. She even wanted to make them herself. It goes to show that kids do not miss a thing- so be the shining light for them no matter what you do as they are a great mirror/reflection of yourself. Here are some of my meals the past few days and her dinner tonight and lunch for tomorrow…

Lettuce leaves with capsicum, carrot and avocado.

Lettuce leaves with green capsicum, peeled slices of carrot and avocado, carrot sticks and 1/4 of leftover avocado. I will also send some boiled eggs with her as well.

My dinner- lettuce leaves with tomato, red onion, cucumber and leftover Mexican beef rissoles.

My breakfast- 2 poached eggs, half an avocado with half a diced red onion, 1 small tomato with crumbled up Mexican beef rissoles leftover from dinner. It was awesome!
Be the change you wish to see in the world… 
Love Nete oxo

Packing Bento Lunches for Everyday Parents by Melissa at Trendy Lil Treats


Packing Bento Lunches for Everyday Parents

My name is Melissa, I’m the owner of Trendy Lil Treats.  We are a family business based in Townsville and love sharing our bento love around Australia and Worldwide.  I started Trendy Lil Treats in February 2013 and what started off as a love for Bento quickly grew into an obsession with anything food related because I saw how much it changed my sons eating habits.  Then when we had our second son who had major food sensory issues and bringing bento into his life changed his eating habits from barely eating half a Bentgo to now eating a Go Green.  You name it I tried it over the years and can now happily say that both my boys eat so much better now thanks to it.

I find the best way to pack everyday bento lunches that are quick, easy and practical for any mum is to follow 3 easy steps:

  1. Keep It Simple
  2. Be Organised with Frozen Baked Goods
  3. Make it look Appealing as “kids eat with their eyes”

These days a lot of schools are going “nude food lunches” which is to reduce the rubbish on the environment.  If you have a lunchbox that has sections, this means you won’t have to use cling wrap to separate foods which really helps the environment.  It also means rather than buying small packets of biscuits, sultanas, etc you can buy big packets and place the amount you want directly into each section keeping it fresh, easy to eat (no packets need to be opened), less food wastage if they don’t finish an entire packet and appealing on the eye.

I always try to keep 1-2 draws in my freezer stocked with slice, bite sized cupcakes/muffins, lamingtons, muesli bars, lcm bites, cookie dough logs, pizza scrolls, ham and cheese rolls, etc.  Most lunchbox items can be frozen and if you make them in advance and bulk you can then take the items you want out and place them straight into the lunchbox in the morning.  Or if you find you have nothing cooked then you can take out a cookie dough log, slice and bake and have fresh cookies in 8 minutes, which is usually how long it takes me to put lunches together in the mornings so it works out perfect.   Another good thing about being organised is if dad needs to make lunches he can easily take some baked goods out and place them into a lunchbox without worrying about what to do.  I have a list in our kitchen which shows the foods our boys like in their lunchboxes to help my husband if he has to do it, rarely, or those days you just can’t think of what to put in.

Kids love to be involved so it’s great to let them help with the baking and preparation for lunch.  I often cut my boys sandwiches or give them pikelets to colour in using the foodoodlers, they love being involved and it is always eaten when it’s something they have helped with.

TIP:  You can prepare fruit and vegetables in advance and stored them in the fridge, the general timeframe recommended for freshness is as follows:

Recommended 2-3 days (Preparation on Sunday and Wednesday would last the week):

Fruit:  Slice and store in air tight containers.

Tomato: Slice tomato and place on slices of bread to soak the juices.

Lettuce: Slice lettuce and store in water, use a salad spinner to dry before use.

Recommended 4-5 days (Preparation Sunday or Monday to last the week):

Carrot:  Peel your carrot very well (any skin will turn the carrot brown) and then grate it to the thickness you want.  Store in an airtight container with paper towel on the bottom.

Being organised will save you time and stress with packing your lunches.

For store brought snacks I only ever purchase items from the health food isle and the baby isle as the salt and sugar contents are so much better than the regular biscuit, muesli bar and chip isle.

Lets talk lunchboxes, A major factor is providing lunches that your child will want to devour is to find a lunchbox that suits your child’s needs.  Every child is so different and finding that perfect lunchbox can be very tricky.  When looking for a lunchbox some things to consider are:

  • Size – Check Cup Capacity and Dimensions to ensure you are buying a lunchbox that isn’t way to small or big for your child. If you aren’t sure ask the business you are purchasing from know what you need to fit into the lunchbox every day and they can point you in the direction of one that will fit everything you need in.  This will save you money buying ones that don’t suit your requirements.
  • Leak Proof – Are you packing fruit and wet items that require it to be leak Proof? If so ensure you ask that question or read the product information clearly.  It will clearly state if it is leak proof, if it doesn’t say then it will not be.
  • Quality – If you want a lunchbox that will last years then you need to look for quality. Ask for reviews on the ones you like.  If looking for reviews online be sure to check they aren’t more than 18 months old because most brands change designs over time and those older reviews will be void.  It’s best to ask others how their experience has been to get the most up to date reviews.
  • How easy is it to use – Ensure you find one that is easy to open and close for your child, it often does take half a dozen times practising for any child to adjust to a lunchbox but there are a few on the market that are harder to open and close than others and little hands may struggle. Definitely advise the age of the child if you are asking for reviews.
  • Budget – Stick to your budget


The Top 5 bento products I find help jazz up a boring lunch into a cute one and don’t add any additional time onto lunch prep are:

  1. Lunch Punch Sets (My favs are VRRM and Match & Munch)
  2. Foodoodlers (Edible Food Pens)
  3. Cute Fruit Forks (little forks to help pick up fruit, cake, etc)
  4. Food Picks (note that food picks come in short, medium and large length which suit different needs)
  5. Condiment Containers (great for treats or to separate small items)

The above items are by far my most used items making an appearance at least 3 times a week each.  You can start off with buying lucky dip and mixed packets to try different bento products, see what you like and what works for your child and then expand your collection of those items.

As long as you pack items your child will eat, or at least try, you are doing an amazing job.  I always pack a sandwich, lots of fruit, a treat, cheese, biscuits and some snacks.  I don’t pack vegetables or hot foods as my boys simply will not eat hot food at lunch or vegetables but they do happily eat them at night so I don’t push those foods during the day.  Do what works for your children, as a paediatrician once said to me “mums know what is best for their own kids”.  If you are looking for ideas of foods to pack in your lunchbox, click on http://www.trendyliltreats.com.au/lunch-box-ideas/ and print this list out and keep it on your pantry.

You don’t need the biggest and best collections of products to give your child a fun lunch, start small and work your way up from there and within your budget.  The items above are certainly a good start and reasonably cheap to buy.  Our products are BPA Free.

You can see our range of products on our website www.trendyliltreats.com.au or contact us via Facebook www.facebook.com/trendyliltreats if you would like to ask us any questions about finding the perfect lunchbox for your needs or if you’re looking for ideas to encourage fussy eaters.  We are always here to help.

For all Lunchbox Ideas for Kids followers we offer 10% off using the coupon code 10LUNCHBOXKIDS.

Until the end of May we have Go Green Full Sets at $55 each, save $10.  While stocks last.


Thanks for having me on your blog Anita.


Melissa Porter

Trendy Lil Treats



Inspiration from Angeline at Bambino Love.


A big hello from Melbourne. My name is Angeline, the founder of Bambino Love, mother of two gorgeous children. I love to encourage healthy eating and create nutritious food for my children. When I make lunch for my children, it needs to be fast and easy as time is precious. I always look for high quality, durable, reusable and zero waste lunch box products, with less disposable packaging for a healthier planet. At Bambino Love, I stock imported eco-friendly and good quality zero waste lunch boxes, insulated lunch bags, fun sandwich cutters, bento accessories and a wide range of baby feeding products.

We are a small Australian business who believe in providing the ultimate customer experience. Bambino Love only stock products that are BPA-Free, Phthalate-Free and eco-friendly. We are here to help you by supplying food and lunch box products that make meal time fun and enjoyable.

lunch 1
I would like to share some ideas that may be helpful to pack homemade lunches in a bento lunch box. I usually like to pack at least 4 types of foods: carbs/grain (carbohydrates), proteins, vegetables and fruits. I always include some type of vegetables in each lunchbox. Yes, even if I know it will come home uneaten. It sometimes take years for a kid from “NO” to being willing to try. High protein food will help kids stay fuller longer.

I like to pack with bold colours as it provides great visual impact and creates a better appetite.

lunch 3

Colours that you may consider : Red, Yellow, Orange and Green.

Examples: Carrot, bell pepper/capsicum, strawberries, plum, tomato, red radish, apple, corn, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, orange, lemon, grapes, raspberries, nectarines, banana, lettuce, cucumber, green onion, edamame, broccoli, spinach, snap peas, asparagus, green beans, brussels sprouts, green peas and kiwi fruit.

Always plan ahead what you would like to put in the lunch box. To cut down the preparation time, left overs from dinners would be ideal. You may pre-cook in big bulk dinner meals and freeze it. You may like to bake muffins, mini sausage rolls, zucchini fritters, pizza scrolls, patties, pies, cheese and bacon scrolls, banana bread, mini meatballs and mini quiches in a big batch and freeze it. You may pre-cut your vegetables and keep them in the fridge.

Here are some school lunches that I made for my kid using Boon Cargo, Bentgo kids, Lunchbots bento box.
A food cup is great for keeping wet things away from dry ones and hold loose items like blueberries in one place.

I send the lunch box to school in an insulated bag with cooling panel that keeps the food cool the whole day long at school with a frozen smoothie or yoghurt in a reusable food pouch.

You may use any type of lunch boxes to pack your kids school lunch. Get ones that are BPA-free and chemical free for your kids. You may also add on some cute and funny food picks, a lunchbox note and use silicone food cups. If you are packing hot food for your child, look for a thermal insulated food jar that is able to keep your food warm for hours.
No more stress! Get your little ones involved in making their lunchbox with the fun sandwich cutters and bento accessories. We ensure your lunch box will never be boring anymore and lunch boxes will keep coming home empty.

Visit our store www.bambinolove.com.au to find out more. Follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/bambinolove.au for great offers, special giveaways and yummy recipes.

We would like to offer a 10% discount for your next purchase.

***Use promo code LunchBoxIdeas10 to check out your cart.***


SPECIAL OFFER:  4 DAYS ONLY!! 21st to 24th April 2016. 

***20% off store wide and free delivery for orders $80.00 and above.  All orders above $100 will come with a surprise free gift.***

I hope these ideas have helped you with your lunch packing.
Kind regards
Angeline at www.bambinolove.com.auBambino Love


Great meal ideas from Monica at The Chocolate Frog Diet. 

My name is Monica Siemsen. 11 years ago I started the Chocolate Frog Diet to help people understand they did not have to be hungry all the time, spend countless hours in a gym or live on shakes to lose weight. Over the years I have shared many journeys with many people from all different backgrounds and one thing has always been the same in every case. People are lonely and need support which is where I come in. When I put a program together I have to fit the program into many different lifestyles so I have lots of ideas on how to do that because we are all different. One of the many things I do is give people ideas on what to take for lunch. Some people are at home, some on the road, some in offices, some in a mine but no matter what you do I can work out a personal plan for you. I even have to have a plan for myself as I work all odd hours to fit in with my clients. Lunches are often hard to get right because you can run out of ideas. Winter is coming so what we want is lots of warm comfort food and that is no problem. Soups, stews, casseroles with a mountain bread wrap fits the bill on a cold winters day. If you are lucky enough to have access to a sandwich maker you can make and freeze your favourite sandwich or wrap then toast at lunch time. A cold apple for morning tea does not seem nearly as inviting on a winters day as a lovely big mug of homemade pumpkin soup. Summer is harder I believe because there is only so many salads you can eat but a salad does not have to be boring. I have lots of ideas for many different and very yummy salads and recipes for sugar free muffins, biscuits and cakes. I have to have those because I have grandchildren who come over to stay who would not like it if they came to Nanny’ place and there was no treats. Life is way too short not to have Love Fun and Good Food in it. 

What to eat and when to eat to be healthy both physically and mentally is always a challenge.
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and they are so right.
The when to eat is easy. Think of your eating plan every day as an upside down triangle. Eat your largest meal at breakfast and your smallest one at dinner and ideally eat every 3 hours. Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner. Have dinner as early as you can. Go to bed empty but not hungry.
One thing I do know and that is you can’t do this on your own and that is where The Chocolate Frog Diet comes in. We will totally support you on your journey towards health. Check out some of the very happy clients under the testimonial tab on our website http://www.chocolatefrogdiet.com.au Some have even put their phone numbers on there so you can call them personally to ask about their journey.
Below are some meal suggestions. If you would like some more information please contact me (Monica Siemsen) at The Chocolate Frog Diet mobile: 0407738620 or email: info@choolatefrogdiet.com.au
Dinner Ideas (All can be frozen into individual serves or family size)
· Use packet soups for a tasty sauce on meat fish chicken etc. Don’t put full amount of water to make a thicker sauce. Two serves per packet.
· Tomato and onion gravy. Put tomatoes and onion into saucepan with one teaspoon butter and some salt and pepper and simmer till cook and thick
· Casseroles and stews are the easiest. Brown meat, chicken, fish, pork or lamb whatever you are using Brown the onions and vegetables. Use whatever stock (fresh, powder, cubes) you prefer and then thicken with gravy mix or plain flour or have enough sweet potato/ potato that will naturally thicken it. Serve with steam fresh vegetables or Slendier pasta/rice or Riceme pasta/rice. These casseroles can be frozen cooked or raw.
· Soups whatever sort you like served with a mountain bread and steamed vegetables
· Quiche cooked into muffin pans served with salad
· Savoury mince loaded with lots of vegetables can be put into mountain bread with a grate of cheese and browned under the grill, or just have a bowl.
· Fritters. Put lots of vegetables and some protein into a basic batter cook in a non-stick pan that you have sprayed. Add some curry powder to the batter makes a really yummy fritter.
· Toasted wraps. Take one mountain bread put whatever protein you want put 2 grates of cheese wrap and freeze then when you want something nice to go with your soup thaw and toast.
Or maybe you are into calorie counting so here is some ideas
Chicken Stew: 600 grams chicken breast, 2 small potatoes in jacket, 2 small onions, 200 grams mushrooms, and 100 grams sweet potato, 1 teas chicken Vegetta stock, 2 teaspoons select chicken gravy mix. Total = 1310 calories
Total calories per 2 cups = 327 calories
Pumpkin Soup: 3 kg pumpkin, 300 grams sweet potato, 3 large onions, 1 kg carrots, 600ml light cream, 4 teaspoon Vegetta vegetable stock nearly cover with water. Total = 2645 calories
Total calories per 1 cup = 132 calories
Turkey Mince Rissoles: 500gms turkey mince, 2 small onions diced, 1 egg Makes 6
Total calories per rissole = 144
Take Care and Stay Healthy,


Monica Siemsen



Monica Siemsen

Mobile: 0407738620

Email: Info@chocolatefrogdiet.com.au

Web: http://www.chocolatefrogdiet.com.au



Lunchbox inspiration from #lunchesforbella.

Good morning!

Here is some great lunchbox inspiration for you all. How good do these lunches look from Amanda at #lunches4bella. Thank you for sharing your colourful and amazing lunches with us all! 

Sports themed lunch*wholemeal pizza base with cheese & bacon bits in shape of baseball

*carrot with ‘run’ picks

*strawberry & mandarin with soccer ball picks  

*corn, carrot, snow peas & cucumber

*chicken drumstick

*orange, pear & rockmelon cubes

*cherry tomatoes & cucumber

*strawberries & blueberries

*gluten free sausage chunks


*honey sandwiches flowers

*babybel cheese


A valentines themed lunch

*cherry tomato hearts

*strawberry hearts & blueberries

*celery & carrot with ‘XOXO’ picks

*honey pancake heart

*cucumber/tuna/mayo mix in a silicone cup

An ‘orange’ themed lunch for Harmony Day

*orange capsicum

*orange slices

*burger rings

*orange filled biscuit bites

*orange tomatoes

*BBQ favva beans

*orange juice

*carrot & french onion dip in carrot dipper


*celery & cherry tomatoes

*vegemite scrolls

*cheese triangle

*strawberries & blueberries

*gummy jelly treat

*cucumber & celery


*honeydew melon

*cheese & sauce scrolls

*trail mix

*candy egg treat

*babybel cheese


*tuna/corn/mayo mix


*cherry tomatoes

*white choc chips treat

*carrot, cucumber & tzatziki in carrot container

How awesome is my other half… check this out!! 

I have been away the past few days at a self development course in Tweed Heads and while I have been away my partner has been handling school and kindy lunches and the kids and house stuff. I wanted to share the awesome lunches he has prepared today as he is so amazing for doing it for the first and second times (that I can remember) as the other time was on Friday. 

What I love about these lunches the most is that he gave it a go. He did his best and didn’t have to seek help or approval of what he has packed from me. I love how organised and perfectly cut the fruit and veg sticks and everything is. What a champion that he gave it a go and didn’t do the easy thing of buying tuckshop for both days. How lucky am I to have a willing partner like I do! 
Do you help your partner or have a partner who helps with lunches? Share the lunches you make for yourself or your children on the Facebook page or group so others can see them and get inspired as well. 
Have a great day! 😀

And the 17 multiple prize giveaway winners are……

Logo small
First of all I would like to say a massive thank you to all of the amazing businesses and people who have donated the prizes for this massive giveaway. If it wasn’t for all of you then it would not be possible in the first place and your generosity and kindness is appreciated so much!
Secondly, a massive thank you to every single person who entered this giveaway and took time out to write in their stories of giving and receiving of random acts of kindness.
Now for the winners as you have all been waiting…. this is the hardest giveaway I have had to do so far with the job of narrowing it down to the 17 winners out of all of the entries. They were all so amazing and heart wrenching and it took me over 3 hours to go through and decide on the winners. It really is a great reminder that there are still many people out there who are kind hearted and love helping others, especially at this time of year when it can be very challenging for some people.
So here goes…. The question each person had to answer was:

– What is one random act of kindness or nice thing someone has done for you (or you have done for someone else) without the intention of wanting something in return?

Prize Pack Number and Name of the winner and their entry.

**The winners will be contacted via email only and the winners have 48 hours to respond to the winning email with their full name and postage address or their prize will be given to the next lucky winner.**

  1. Everydayaussie91- I once organised for a friend of mine who was going through a rough patch with life and money to get their hair done at a hairdresser (for the first time in 3 years). I just wanted to make her feel special with a girly day away from all the stresses and housework so the men watched the children and it was a nice day away.
  2. Kirstie- On the 30th of November last year my husband and I (25 & 23) got a phone call from a relative. She wanted us to look after her 2yr old daughter for a week as she needed a break. We were away celebrating our first wedding anniversary at the time, and planning out the next year of our lives. When we collected the toddler her pants were held up by a safety pin, her hair had been hacked at, and her arms were bruised. The mother kept asking us to look after for for a few more days.. She ended up asking us to raise the toddler as our own, forever. This was a massive change to our lives, but we knew we had to do it for the little girl. Since then every day we are trying to catch up on the time we missed with her in her first two years. She just had her first birthday with us on Monday, and everytime we see her little smile we know we have done the right thing for her, her birth mother, and our family. We became overnight parents to a trouble two year old girl, and now we are very proud parents to a radiant three year old 🙂 life has never been better.
  3. Sapshu- When i was a little girl my dad taught me the true spirit of Christmas – He use to bake lots of cupcakes and on christmas morning we use to share those cupcakes with the Aged Care people near our home .
    Now i bake cupcakes with my son and take him with me to share the cupcakes with the Aged Care people in our area just to see smiles on their faces.
    And the best part is now my son says that when he will grow up ,he will also bake cupcakes and take his kids to meet the Aged Care people first thing on Christmas morning every year 🙂
  4. Sneha- When my husband and I first moved to Australia from India with my 1 year daughter who is starting prep next year , I had no idea how to start my life and what my future holds for me , without any family support I was hit by severe depression which left me with no hair , I struggled 1 year before I got my hair back , slowly I got settled and one day a friend of mine got married and his wife came to Australia and faced the same situation and because she was newly married she didn’t trust anyone to talk about how she felt but I somehow felt the sadness in her smile and always stood with her . I m proud to say that she is very well settled and happy now .
  5. Suet Wai Wong- When my partner was terminally ill with brain cancer, my friends rallied to support us by cooking soups so we can have constant meals when we are busy with hospital trips. My workmates all came over and clean up the garden and offered to pay for all the taxi trips to and from the hospital. Now thatmy partner had passed away (three years ago) a couple of friends acted as sportsparents to take my son to soccer games, port adelaide AFL games and the grandprix. Taking up the role of what would have been my partner’s role as he was sports mad.
    We are so lucky to be surrounded by love!
  6. Shama- Becoming a parent changes you. It changes the way you look or rather looked at happiness. Or kindness. It’s a responsibility like no other but most of the times random acts of kindness occur not out of the positive aim of Showing the little ones the right ways to be, it happens truly because a whole new part of our heart, has opened up.Much of it, we didn’t know existed before. For eg, it is now almost impossible for me to not send a plate of muffins or pancakes (every time I make them)or even slices of fresh sweet watermelon upstairs to our neighbours, for their little ones. Only because I know the glee in their eyes will be much the same as my little girls. Or I have lost the capacity to walk past a mom struggling with a pram, a handbag , a crying toddler and a shopping bag from woollies. Before I know it, I am right next to her, asking if I can hold her bag, or hold the door open or anything. Or It does not worry me when my friends very new baby spews on me, while I hold him so she can have her cup of tea in peace. Or I fold her laundry and mind her baby for just that half an hour while she has a quick nap,which will get her through another long night. I cannot for the life of me, imagine a child without clothes, books or food. So every so often, I am emptying the wardrobes, and toy baskets, making sure they get handed over to lesser privileged childhoods. If you ask me if I get any time to do anything other than raising miss5 and miss3, no I truly don’t. But this is now me. I am a parent. I will be kind forever, I have no option, I think I got re-wired. 😀
  7. sewing4kids- This year I started a new tradition with my 2.5 year old son. We went to the shops and picked out a toy that he would like, that a boy his age would like. We purchased it, went home and wrapped it together, then put it under the tree at our local supermarket. My son was a bit upset as he wanted to keep the toy, but that’s half the purpose, to teach him that its nice to give something away with nothing in return.
    I know this isn’t a ‘new’ idea, but I read on Facebook (from the Lunchbox Ideas for Kids page I think) about getting the kids involved and buying a toy that is for a kid their age. Hopefully when he’s grown up and has his own kids he will continue in this christmas act of giving.
  8. Kayla- I recently went to the local library to use a computer. An elderly gent was sitting beside me trying to book flights home to see his family. I could tell he was getting quite frustrated and he asked the librarian for assistance, she was too busy so I asked if I could help. The look of relief on his face was priceless! I booked his flights home for him! He was very thankful & wanted to pay me for my time which I refused! It doesn’t take much to help someone out, no matter the task- big or small.
  9. kimmytaylor- One of my best friends in the whole world spend the day cooking for my family and then sent her husband on a 4 plus hour round trip to deliver it to us when we were going through a rough patch this year. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about the thought that went into this from such a gorgeous human being.
  10. Katelyn Von Kistowski- When my first son was only a few weeks old I was doing the grocery shopping and as a first time mum I was really struggling. I hadn’t slept though a night since he was born and I was having trouble breastfeeding. Due to my tiredness I had forgot my PIN number for my bank card to pay and the bank was shut.. I told the girl at the checkout I would run to the ATM and get money out but my son started to really scream and cry and then my mummy emotions got the best of my and I started crying too. A lady behind me offered to pay, I said thank you but refused. I ran to the ATM with my screaming baby and when I got there I still couldn’t remember my PIN number, I frantically entered numerous combinations but for the life of me could not remember the number. I mentally prepared myself to go back and ask the girl at the check out to return all the stuff in the trolley as I wouldn’t be able to pay. But upon my return I found that the lady that had offered to pay, did infact pay after i left to go to the ATM. Sadly she had already left so i didn’t get to thank her. But I was able to pay it forward about a week later. I was going through the checkout when I noticed a dainty elderly lady beside me at the next checkout who looked very stressed and was shaking her head saying I don’t know why it’s not working, I’m so sorry! She was having a similar incident to me, I heard her say she was going to the ATM to try and get money out. So when she left I went over and told the guy serving her that I was paying for her groceries, he asked me if I wanted to wait for her to get back. I told him I was in a rush, and asked him to tell her to pay it forward. I left feeling happy knowing I had been able to help someone because someone helped me.
  11. Angela Wicks- Our next door neighbours are an elderly retired couple. They are wonerful friendly people and are constantly doing kind things for us. My partner works away alot and i often forget to put the bins out, only to find the next morning they’ve put them out for me. The one thing i appreciate most and the kindest is my sons cat he got when he was 2, was run over and killed out the front of our house. We were a mess, i didnt know what to do. My elderly neighbour went and grabbed a box, placed our cat in the box, dug a hole in our backyard and burried our cat for us. He understood that i couldnt. And this happened in the middle of winter and it was dark. I will always be grateful to him for helping us that night and showing true human kindness.
  12. Tara-Lee Keepence- had just left my doctors appointment with my (at the time) 4 year old, it had started pouring down with rain so I picked her up on my hip and hurriedly made my way to the bus stop. As we were crossing at the lights, two women walked past us and they each had an umbrella – one of them handed me theirs and said to take it, that they insisted and they didn’t need it. This has always stuck with me because it’s not often you experience that type of kindness anymore.
  13. Mel- When I was 18 (2.5 years ago) I had my appendix rupture, whilst recovering from the surgery my boss offered me a room at her place as at the time I was living in my car. A few days later I came home (to her place) from a follow up appointment to find a hand made wheat bag on the doorstep with a little note saying ‘Welcome to the neighbourhood, I’ve seen you struggling recently & thought this may be of some help’It was such a lovely gesture and It always reminds me of how easy it is to be kind & make someone’s day.
    So as a pay it forward, when I get my weekly coffee on payday, I will shout the person behind me in the drive through or leave a $2 coin on a kids ride in My local shopping centre.
    It’s the simple things!
  14. Sellina Brookes- I helped someone have a baby!My husband and I struggled with infertility for years. We suffered miscarriages and despair whilst all around us, friends were effortlessly having children of our own. After 2 years of heartache, it was deemed that we needed IVF to have kids.We were very lucky and now have two beautiful children thanks to IVF. But during the process, we met many many couples who weren’t so lucky. After we finished our family, I vowed that I would give someone else a chance by donating my eggs one last time.I randomly chose a woman from the Australian egg donors register and they now have a three year old boy. We keep in touch at Christmas, but otherwise don’t really have much in common.It’s the best thing I ever did.
  15. Monica- I was recently separated with a 8 month old and I was finding it difficult to keep up with the finances especially my car payment on a single income and support from the ex was non existent, to top it off in the October I was made redundant I did not know how i would pay the bills let alone have a decent xmas for my little one, I talked to a family friend about my situation who worked at the finance company I had my car with and at Christmas I was handed a letter to say that he had wanted to help me and paid 3 months of my car payments so that I didn’t have to worry about it while I was unemployed and I said I would repay him and he said no it is a gift he wanted to help and he usually gives money to a charity but decided that this year someone he knew needed the help and decided to help me out when he didn’t have to and at a time I was desperate, he is my guardian angel and due to his act of kindness I will be eternally grateful to him as he didn’t have to help but he showed me the true spirit of Christmas is to help others in need.
  16. Zoe Phillis- My partner and I spent Christmas Eve last year baking goodies for a local charity. The charity provides for families in need. We spent the entire day baking and decorating the goods. There is no better gift than giving, and we can’t wait to do it all again this year! 😀
  17. Sabrina Johnson- A couple of years ago my husband had started doing Fly In Fly Out work.. I had a new baby (and a 5yo) and we had moved to a town where I didn’t know anyone. We were low on cash (hence hubby taking that work) and getting paid monthly. I had 4 days to go until payday.. I had a joke with my bestie (who lived 5hrs away) that we had half a roll of toilet paper left for the next 4 days..
    the next morning a Woolworths truck arrived. Milk, Bread, Flour, Sugar, Eggs, Fruit, a treat for Miss 5 and yes… Toilet Paper were delivered. I will never forget the kindness my friend showed me that day and vow to pay it forward one day ♡


Here is a list of the prize packs:

Prize Pack 1:
1 x Divided Plate
1 x Cup
1 x Bowl
1 x Utensils Pack
RRP including postage is $36.
The winner gets to choose what colour set they want (subject to availability)
Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by Mummy’s Little Treasures.
Prize Pack 2: 
1x new Pink Parisian Yumbox with glow in the night stars plus some sandwich cutters.
Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by Bentoland.
Prize Pack 3:
Bambino Love Collage
 1 X Bentgo Kids lunch box and Camelbak Kids limited edition water bottle.
Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by Bambino Love.
Prize Pack 4:
Sinchies Collage
2 X wrap bags
5 X 140ml reusable pouches
5 X 200ml reusable pouches
5 X sandwich bags
5 X snack bags
1 X 1Litre pouch
Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by Sinchies. 
Prize Pack 5:
1 x Pink Scoot Basket RRP $29.95
1 x Green Scoot ‘n Pull Strap RRP $14.95
Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by Scoot’ Round
Prize Pack 6:
1 x Full sheet of Jamberry Nail Wraps (of the winners choice)
1x mini Application kit with Cuticle Pusher, Nail Cleanser Wipes, Orange Stick and a Nail File.
Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by Kristy Garbutt- Independent Jamberry Consultant.
Prize Pack 7:
The Bento Buzz collage1 x Apple & Mint Flamingo insulated bag with Flamingo cutter
1 x Apple & Mint Lightning Bolt insulated bag with Plane cutter
Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by The Bento Buzz.
Prize Pack 8:
1 x bouquet of wooden roses 
1 x handmade dream catcher
Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by Australian Country Living- Gracemere, Qld
Prize Pack 9:
Herbalife collage.jpg
1 x Herbalife 3 day weight loss pack
6 day Herbalife healthy breakfast pack.
1 x Herbalife portable phone charger
 Postage within Australia included.
Kindly donated by Samantha Morris.
Prize Pack 10:
Bambino Love Collage 2
2 x sets of Sporty Lunchpunch sandwich cutters. 
Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by Bambino Love.
Prize Pack 11:
Trendy Lil Treats Collage
1 x Go Green Lunchbox and Drink Bottle Combo
1 x Pack of Eye Food Picks
Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by Trendy Lil Treats.
Prize Pack 12:
Mosman Dental Surgery Logo
1 x free check & clean for a family of 4 in their state of the art surgery.
The winner must be able to visit their location
Suite 1D, No 1 Spit Road, Mosman, NSW 2088.
Kindly donated by The Mosman Dental Surgery.
Prize Pack 13:
Mini Me Organics collage
1 x 100% Organic Cotton Lunch Bag
2 x matching Snack Pockets
Postage within Australia included.
Kindly donated by Minime Organics.
Prize Pack 14:
Name My Stuff Collage
1 x Personalised triple split Sistema Lunch Box
1 x Spork
1 x Personalised Contigo Swish Bottle
Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by Name My Stuff.
Prize Pack 15:
1 x PDF copy of all 4 volumes of Anita Knight’s adult and colouring in books.
Once you receive the file via email all you need to do is download, print and colour them in (and have lots of fun!).
Kindly donated by Anita Knight.
Prize Pack 16:
Catherine Kuhn YL
1 x 5ml bottle of  Young Living Gentle Baby Essential Oil Blend.
 Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by Catherine Kuhn- Young Living Independent Distributor.
Prize Pack 17:
Candles with Chloe.jpg
1 x  Partylite Wax Pack Mystery Box (Value of $50.00)
 Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by Chloe Burgess- Partylite Independent Distributor.
Vector set of decorative elements, border and page rules frame

This giveaway was open to Australian residents only and the judge’s decision is final.

This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. 

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