OmieBox Lunchboxes from Bambino Love

We love using your OmieBox Lunchboxes… whether they are filled with hot or cold foods, they are a great size, they are easy to clean and my kids love taking them to school. They are easy to open and carry to school and you can get them from Thank you for a great product Bambino Love! My kids used to fight over the first one we had so we got a second one to stop the fights… check them out!

Some mornings I heat leftovers or spaghetti bolognaise and then put it in the thermos for my kids lunches (follow the instructions to do this). When they open it at the first break around 11am it is still warm and yummy to eat, they love it! They even store the whole lunchbox in the fridge, it’s amazing that it doesn’t get cold from being in there! If you want a lunchbox that has the ability to store hot and cold food at the same time, this is the one to get!

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