How awesome is my other half… check this out!! 

I have been away the past few days at a self development course in Tweed Heads and while I have been away my partner has been handling school and kindy lunches and the kids and house stuff. I wanted to share the awesome lunches he has prepared today as he is so amazing for doing it for the first and second times (that I can remember) as the other time was on Friday. 

What I love about these lunches the most is that he gave it a go. He did his best and didn’t have to seek help or approval of what he has packed from me. I love how organised and perfectly cut the fruit and veg sticks and everything is. What a champion that he gave it a go and didn’t do the easy thing of buying tuckshop for both days. How lucky am I to have a willing partner like I do! 
Do you help your partner or have a partner who helps with lunches? Share the lunches you make for yourself or your children on the Facebook page or group so others can see them and get inspired as well. 
Have a great day! 😀

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