Our BIGGEST Giveaway EVER!!! Enter now! :D

I am very excited to announce our


Christmas can be a challenging time for some people so I thought a giveaway would be a great way to lift everyone’s spirits! To help celebrate Christmas, 16 generous businesses have donated 17 amazing prizes for you all to go in the draw to win. All you have to do is answer the question below and follow the terms and conditions. 

– What is one random act of kindness or nice thing someone has done for you (or you have done for someone else) without the intention of wanting something in return?

This is a game of skill; the most interesting/creative answer will be chosen by my team at the Lunchbox Ideas For Kids blog.

***This giveaway closes 12pm AEST (midday) Sunday 13th of December 2015 and the winners will be contacted via email only and so you must ensure you provide your name and a valid email address. The winners have 48 hours to respond to the winning email with their full name and postage address or the prize will be redrawn. Entries who do not provide an email address will not be valid entries. Open to Australian residents only and the judge’s decision is final.

***Having trouble entering on your mobile device? Click on the title of the blog post then scroll down to the bottom of the page, click ‘View web version’, then scroll down to the bottom of the page again and click on ‘Post a comment’, then type your answer in the comment box.***

Good luck!

This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. 

Get creative everyone, I look forward to reading your entries and thank you once again to all of the amazing businesses who have donated prizes. I am truly blown away with all of your generosity. 

From Anita 🙂

Prize Pack 1:

1 x Divided Plate
1 x Cup
1 x Bowl
1 x Utensils Pack
RRP including postage is $36.
The winner gets to choose what colour set they want (subject to availability)
Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by Mummy’s Little Treasures.

Prize Pack 2: 

1x new Pink Parisian Yumbox with glow in the night stars plus some sandwich cutters.
Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by Bentoland.

Prize Pack 3:

Bambino Love Collage

 1 X Bentgo Kids lunch box and Camelbak Kids limited edition water bottle.
Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by Bambino Love.

Prize Pack 4:

Sinchies Collage

2 X wrap bags
5 X 140ml reusable pouches
5 X 200ml reusable pouches
5 X sandwich bags
5 X snack bags
1 X 1Litre pouch
Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by Sinchies. 

Prize Pack 5:


1 x Pink Scoot Basket RRP $29.95
1 x Green Scoot ‘n Pull Strap RRP $14.95
Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by Scoot’ Round


Prize Pack 6:


1 x Full sheet of Jamberry Nail Wraps (of the winners choice)
1x mini Application kit with Cuticle Pusher, Nail Cleanser Wipes, Orange Stick and a Nail File.
Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by Kristy Garbutt- Independent Jamberry Consultant.

Prize Pack 7:

The Bento Buzz collage1 x Apple & Mint Flamingo insulated bag with Flamingo cutter
1 x Apple & Mint Lightning Bolt insulated bag with Plane cutter
Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by The Bento Buzz.


Prize Pack 8:

1 x bouquet of wooden roses 
1 x handmade dream catcher
Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by Australian Country Living- Gracemere, Qld

Prize Pack 9:

Herbalife collage.jpg

1 x Herbalife 3 day weight loss pack
6 day Herbalife healthy breakfast pack.
1 x Herbalife portable phone charger
 Postage within Australia included.
Kindly donated by Samantha Morris.

Prize Pack 10:

Bambino Love Collage 2
2 x sets of Sporty Lunchpunch sandwich cutters. 
Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by Bambino Love.

Prize Pack 11:

Trendy Lil Treats Collage
1 x Go Green Lunchbox and Drink Bottle Combo
1 x Pack of Eye Food Picks
Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by Trendy Lil Treats.

Prize Pack 12:

Mosman Dental Surgery Logo
1 x free check & clean for a family of 4 in their state of the art surgery.
The winner must be able to visit their location
Suite 1D, No 1 Spit Road, Mosman, NSW 2088.
Kindly donated by The Mosman Dental Surgery.

Prize Pack 13:Mini Me Organics collage

1 x 100% Organic Cotton Lunch Bag
2 x matching Snack Pockets
Postage within Australia included.
Kindly donated by Minime Organics.

Prize Pack 14:

Name My Stuff Collage

1 x Personalised triple split Sistema Lunch Box
1 x Spork
1 x Personalised Contigo Swish Bottle
Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by Name My Stuff.

Prize Pack 15:

1 x PDF copy of all 4 volumes of Anita Knight’s adult and colouring in books.
Once you receive the file via email all you need to do is download, print and colour them in (and have lots of fun!).
Kindly donated by Anita Knight.


Prize Pack 16:

Catherine Kuhn YL

1 x 5ml bottle of  Young Living Gentle Baby Essential Oil Blend.
 Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by Catherine Kuhn- Young Living Independent Distributor.

Prize Pack 17:

Candles with Chloe.jpg

1 x  Partylite Wax Pack Mystery Box (Value of $50.00)
 Postage within Australia included. 
Kindly donated by Chloe Burgess- Partylite Independent Distributor.

Vector set of decorative elements, border and page rules frame


*Please note: I have kept the information about each prize pack simple and have added links to the business’s websites for you to read more information about the products donated. I did it this way due to the amount of prizes entered in the giveaway for simple viewing.

Once again, a MASSIVE thank you to all of the businesses who have donated prizes for this giveaway. Without you all, this would not be possible. 

69 thoughts on “Our BIGGEST Giveaway EVER!!! Enter now! :D”

  1. the kindest thing anyone has ever done for me would be my amazing husband being there for me at the moment while I’m going through depression


  2. This year I started a new tradition with my 2.5 year old son. We went to the shops and picked out a toy that he would like, that a boy his age would like. We purchased it, went home and wrapped it together, then put it under the tree at our local supermarket. My son was a bit upset as he wanted to keep the toy, but that’s half the purpose, to teach him that its nice to give something away with nothing in return.
    I know this isn’t a ‘new’ idea, but I read on Facebook (from the Lunchbox Ideas for Kids page I think) about getting the kids involved and buying a toy that is for a kid their age. Hopefully when he’s grown up and has his own kids he will continue in this christmas act of giving.
    (sorry if this comment posts twice, I’m having problems with my computer!)


  3. I just gave birth to our 4th child and spent a little longer in hospital than expected due to some health concerns. Within a week my husband got notice that he probably won’t have a job after Xmas, my paperwork for maternity leave was not received and therefore no pay received and one of our glass sliding doors smashed which took the last $600 in our account.

    We are blessed with some lovely friends who offered money, food etc to help us get through. One of my friends went out and bought $50 worth of baby wipes to get us through the Xmas season. It’s the small little things that make the difference.



  4. An older lady in my street last Christmas heard we were going to be away at my parents house. We had arranged a pet sitter but she came over and asked if we would mind if she checked in on him also. We found out, Christmas Day she had taken him to her house and got him to play nicely with her dog. We gave her a box of chocolates to which she replied that she didn’t need anything, she just loves dogs so much that she wanted him to not be alone on Christmas Day. She has an amazing heart for animals but would do anything for a neighbour also. The world needs more people like her.


  5. When my partner was terminally ill with brain cancer, my friends rallied to support us by cooking soups so we can have constant meals when we are busy with hospotal trips. My workmates all came over and clean up the garden and offered to pay for all the taxi trips to and from the hospital. Now thatmy partner had passed away (three years ago) a couple of friends acted as sportsparents to take my son to soccer games, port adelaide AFL games and the grandprix. Taking up the role of what would have been my partner’s role as he was sports mad.
    We are so lucky to be surrounded by love! ❤


  6. We bought the school bully a present!

    My son has had a hard time fitting into his new school. He’s quite a shy kid, but the process was made harder by a year 6 kid (my son is in year 2) who singled him out to pick on.

    We struggled through the year teaching my son techniques to avoid the older boy and conflicting with him, but it wasn’t until we found out that nobody went with the boy to his year 6 graduation (it’s kind of a big deal in our little town – the kids get dressed up and get their hair done whilst the school puts on a fancy dinner with awards) that we were able to truly understand where the behaviour was coming from. It made me sad for him.

    So my son and I decided to buy him a small graduation present (jelly beans) and my son wrote him a really sweet card congratulating him and hoping he had fun in high school. Apparently the boy was so excited that he took the jelly beans home to put on display and refuses to open them.

    One PROUD mamma.


  7. I have been so fortunate to have received two random acts of kindness. One is from an amazing friend who helps me every single day, by taking my kids to school while I am working, and wont accept any payment. If I win I will be giving the prize to her.
    The second was a few years ago, the company my partner worked for went into receivership and he was told he wouldn’t get his pay for the last month that he had worked. We had 3 kids a mortgage & car loan. Our savings ran out quickly. One day a lady from the playgroup that I ran came in and gave me a full 5kg whole rump. I was amazed at her generosity and right when we needed it the most.


  8. My daughter packs extra food in her lunchbox to give food to a kid in her class that doesn’t get much lunch..
    She has just finished year 1 and they are now good friends..
    I’m proud of her for knowing to share with others..


  9. Was delighted to be offered the chance to organize the gift for my 18 year old cousin whom I love dearly. I gathered money together from all my other cousins and we were able to spoil him. He has special needs, but I’ve never looked at him ever since holding him from a baby that he was any different from anyone else… so being able to make his 18th birthday memorable was a highlight to say the least… Seeing him smile opening his presents we got him was the greatest delight for me.


  10. There was a lady at the shops with her husband at the Woolworths checkout infront of me. They both would of been in theirs 80s.
    The lady was putting her change in her purse but a $10 note fell out. She didn’t notice. So i picked it up and gave it back to her as they started walking. She turned around and said keep it and make sure i buy my 2 yr old who was with me something nice. It was lovely but i insisted she keep it. She told me she doesn’t have kids so it would mean alot to her for me to spend it on my daughter


  11. Becoming a parent changes you. It changes the way you look or rather looked at happiness. Or kindness. It’s a responsibility like no other but most of the times random acts of kindness occur not out of the positive aim of Showing the little ones the right ways to be, it happens truly because a whole new part of our heart, has opened up.Much of it, we didn’t know existed before. For eg, it is now almost impossible for me to not send a plate of muffins or pancakes (every time I make them)or even slices of fresh sweet watermelon upstairs to our neighbours, for their little ones. Only because I know the glee in their eyes will be much the same as my little girls. Or I have lost the capacity to walk past a mom struggling with a pram, a handbag , a crying toddler and a shopping bag from woollies. Before I know it, I am right next to her, asking if I can hold her bag, or hold the door open or anything. Or It does not worry me when my friends very new baby spews on me, while I hold him so she can have her cup of tea in peace. Or I fold her laundry and mind her baby for just that half an hour while she has a quick nap,which will get her through another long night. I cannot for the life of me, imagine a child without clothes, books or food. So every so often, I am emptying the wardrobes, and toy baskets, making sure they get handed over to lesser privileged childhoods. If you ask me if I get any time to do anything other than raising miss5 and miss3, no I truly don’t. But this is now me. I am a parent. I will be kind forever, I have no option, I think I got re-wired. 😀


  12. I was out at my work Christmas party last night & found a mobile phone, I handed it in to the bar staff! Not long after I saw a young lady pacing & upset, a short time after that I saw the same young lady celebrating, jumping up & down, cheering & hugging her friends. It was her mobile phone. I spoke to her & told her I had found it & handed it in. She then hugged me, thanked me & told me with tears in her eyes, that she had photos on her phone of her sister & herself that she couldn’t replace as her sister had passed recently & although she had heaps of photos growing up together, they didn’t have many photos together since they were teenagers & her sister became ill. I had tears hearing this & could see this young lady was so relieved to have her phone back. She promised to back up photos from her phone the next day & showed me her beautiful photos.


  13. My daughters friend was made homeless, we took her into our home temporarily for a few weeks, so she had a place and its now been 4 mths. We go out of our way to take her to the station and back so she can get to her job, the station is 40 mins away and she has medical issues so cannot drive. We would never see her on the streets and we have invited her for Christmas to share it with our family and told her she will never be homeless or alone. She has become part of our family and I don’t ask her do to do anything in return. I make sure she is safe, fed, clean and her medical issues are met if need be.


  14. I have a friend who struggles with getting her house in order. She is mother 3 kids and a husband who is not very supportive and very critical of her. So I go over to her house and help her tackle major areas or her house. In the last six months we have regained her dinning room and table, her upstairs hallway and her 2 youngest children’s room and her linen closet/storage room. We have removed 40+ bags of donation items or recycled clothing to other people in her family and at least 50+ of assorted rubbish (clothes, toys general clutter). She is wonderful person who does everything for everyone else so I like to help her for change


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