Product Review: Get Kids Cooking Kits

So it’s been a while now of me having an awesome kit that was sent to me by Get Kids Cooking at and I must say, it was such a lovely package we received. It was full of recipe cards and instructions, some measuring spoons, a cute badge for the kids apron, some ingredients, the cutest little jar with Epsom salts inside for one of the recipes and a few other things.
I would have reviewed this awesome kit earlier but we haven’t had a chance to do any of the recipes as we were either busy cooking other things we needed and then the kids lost interest or we didn’t have time.  So the other day I bit the bullet, asked my daughter to do some cooking with me when she was free and we did our first simple, easy to follow recipe of rosemary and lavender Epsom bath salts. And it was lots of fun and they smell amazing!
The recipe card was easy and great to follow for my daughter and she loved doing each of the steps. The cute little jar which was included was lovely and she has made this as a gift for her Aunty Jorja (Aunty Goog). And of course, an outfit change was needed (apparently!).
I wrote the note to her Aunty Goog on the tag and she signed it as Marlee hasn’t perfected her smaller writing yet and we wanted to fit it all. It was so handy that the tag was already attached ready to be written on.
Marlee wasn’t feeling the best when we did it and it made her feel happy and proud to make something herself so I was very impressed. It was a great cooking experience using the kit and I will continue to blog and update about the other recipes when we make them.
Thank you to Get Kids Cooking for your awesome kit, I highly recommend them for kids and I think it would be a wonderful gift for children as well. So check out their website and order your kit today! You can sign up for their monthly cooking club where you pay $26.95 per month, there is no long term commitment, you can cancel any time and it’s direct debited monthly via PayPal and delivered to your door at the end of the month. How simple and easy is that!?
Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any and if you have any feedback about these kits as well, please feel free to comment below and share the love of these great kits!
Until our next cooking adventure with Get Kids Cooking
Have a great day!
Anita @ Lunchbox Ideas For Kids

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