Back on track, one meal at a time! (Mum’s meals)

So I have been off track lately with my healthy eating. I seem to have this all or nothing approach to food which isn’t great for me emotionally, mentally and physically. I go really great for a week, two weeks and sometimes even a month or more then I just blow it all and eat junk, grab easy things, eat lots of bread and processed foods again. It doesn’t do me any favours at all! Even today, when I was getting back on track I do things like go and eat a chunk of the homemade basil pesto pull apart bread that I cooked today at lunch time. I can’t change it and I am not worried about it now as the bloating isn’t as bad, and, it is great to see how I have thoughts in the past where I felt guilty, bad, a failure and a million other negative and disempowering thoughts. So I am going to go meal by meal, step by step and pick myself up if I go off track. And to be honest I never want to be 100% perfect all the time. I still want to enjoy treats every now and then otherwise I stuff myself with things I tell myself I can’t have and that isn’t the best way for me to do things. I love food if you may or may not know and I live, breathe and think about food, cooking food, sharing food and take photos of food all the time. And I love it!

So here is a few pictures of the breakfasts and lunches I have cooked in the past few days to get back on track. I am learning to be nicer to myself and to tell myself empowering and supportive things rather than judging, criticizing and well being so negative towards myself. I am so grateful to be able to cook such yummy meals for myself and my family.

Here is my open steak sandwich made up of sweet potato slices cooked in some animal fat, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, small steak, onions, mayo with some homemade kimchi on the side. This was sooooo yummy!  

This is my vegetable spaghetti omelette I made this morning (2 eggs lightly beaten with a splash of water in it) with leftover steak and onions that were cooked and some homemade kimchi on the side. It was so filling and yum.

This was broccoli, onion, capsicum, vegetable spaghetti and a little bit of vegetable stock paste cooked with some animal fat. There is also my small steak and side of homemade kimchi. The vegetables were still crunchy and it was all so flavoursome, I think I want it tomorrow again.

Have you cooked with vegetable spaghetti before!? I cooked my first one the other day and froze it in portions so I can grab it out and make things when I need it. Here is a link to what they are and where you can get them, I bought mine from a local fruit and vegetable store.


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