What works for one family doesn’t work for another…


So I have been humming and harring whether to post about this or not. Well, I am just going to do it!

I have seen some questioning going on in our group (https://m.facebook.com/groups/1385798811640781/requests/#~!/groups/1385798811640781?ref=bookmark) about how and what people pack their kids. As in, some people don’t care if their kids have sandwiches or packaged biscuits and how some people write about how they pack homemade food for their kids and what is healthy and what isn’t. Well you know what?! What works for one family doesn’t work for another. What one family does, does not mean that another family should or shouldn’t do it. It is about setting up a routine with lunch packing that works for you and your family. Do not compare, do not judge and do not stress if you think yours is not good enough. At the end of the day you’re children are fed and everyone is doing their best to look after their children. 

I know myself I have been on a healthier food choice journey for a few years now and have been learning along the way. For myself, I have been on many ‘diets’ and eating plans. For me and my family I want to show my children that some foods are sometimes foods and some are foods we eat all the time as it sets our body up for good fuel. This way of thinking doesn’t suit others and that’s ok. I know for myself, I don’t want my kids growing up thinking some foods can never be eaten like I did as that then turns on this switch in my brain that I have to have it and then I stuff myself with it. It’s not healthy, and I am finally seeing that I cannot go on living like this. It doesn’t do me any favors and doesn’t set me up mentally with a good eating routine. This works for me and my family yet might not for someone else. 


So, it comes down to what works for you and your children. One family might make pictures with their food for their kids which is great whereas someone else might pack a sandwich with some fruit which is totally fine! Not everyone has the time, money or patience to pack the same as someone else. It is a matter of choice if you choose to do it that way or not. I know for myself and my family, I mainly choose practical and quick things to do for my kids. So things like whole foods like fruit and vegetables, homemade snacks I make in batches and freeze as that routine works best for me. I am not the type of person who wants to spend lots of time packing lunches each night. I am all about the healthiest, easiest and readily available option to pop in. I cook in batches and freeze things ready to grab and pack. I try to limit processed foods mainly because they have hidden nasties in them like sugar, preservatives and additives as I knew for myself my body functions best when I limit these. That is the choice I make for me and my kids and not everyone is either informed about it or wants to do it that way. I love the fact my kids love snacking on things like half an avocado, some capsicum sticks and some zucchini slice. They also love their rice crackers or jatz and I do give them a couple every now and then. I am not perfect, far from it in fact and I do the best I can, with the time and ingredients/food that I have on hand. Some weeks I am more organized so more homemade food goes in and other times it’s a survival type packing style where I grab whatever I have on hand in the cupboard, fridge or freezer. 

I cannot stress it enough, be true to yourself and your own families needs. Stop comparing with others, stop judging yourself and others and learn along the way if you want to. Let’s all support and praise one another for doing the best we can as parents or caregivers or human beings. We are all doing our best, we are all only human and make mistakes and that’s what makes us great. We are all on our own journey in life and are learning along the way.  


I created my Facebook group for others to gain inspiration and ideas from one another and to make packing lunches easier, healthier and more fun for others (so it doesn’t seem like such a chore). My journey of lunch packing has changed over the years as I become more informed about what is in foods and the ways I can cook and prepare food for my kids and self. I am not where I want to be yet with it all and it’s a learning curve. 

So be kind to yourself, be kind to others and ask for help with ideas if you need it or want it. Don’t change things you are doing if you’re not ready or willing as it will become a chore and you won’t enjoy it or stick to it. Do what is right for you. Do what is right for your family and do what is right for your budget as well. I am here if you would like help with any of it, pop me an email to anita@lunchboxideasforkids.com.au if you want to or comment underneath this blog post. Let’s do this together. 


Happy lunch packing everyone. 

From Anita 💟

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