Lunchbox inspiration …

Here is some lunchbox inspiration for you all from the last month or so from what I pack for my kids and I.  I hope this gives you some ideas on what to pack or how to pack things. Feel free to leave any feedback in the comments. Or better yet, email me on and send me your photos and descriptions of what you pack your kids and I will share it on my blog! 

Have a great day! 

From Anita 😊


Cooked plain pasta, grapes, cheese, capsicum, ham and apple.   

Chicken and salad rice paper rolls, capsicum, jatz and grapes.   

Cooked chicken, avocado, apple, jatz,and capsicum.  

Lettuce as wraps with egg omelette, carrot sticks, garlic aioli and kimchi to go inside.   

Apple, capsicum, cheese and Vegemite in mountain bread wraps and jatz.


Zucchini slice, capsicum, grapes, avocado mashed with some jatz for dipping. 

Homemade teriyaki chicken sushi, cheese cut into shapes with cookie cutters, apple, capsicum and sugar free coconut bread muffin with butter.     

Zucchini slice, capsicum, celery, grapes and a poached egg inside a silicon muffin case.   

Apple, cheese block cut into sticks, zucchini slice, capsicum, carrot sliced, leftover roast chicken and eggs poached in silicon muffin cases.  Zucchini slice, capsicum, apple, butter on wholemeal bread and half an avocado. 

Cheese and Vegemite on mountain bread wraps, half an avocado, jatz and capsicum.     

Homemade bread rolls with butter, ham, cheese, apple cubed, half an avocado and carrot sticks.   Rice paper rolls with chicken and salad inside (wrapped in moist paper towel to keep them together good without sticking), grapes, premium biscuits, capsicum and half an avocado.   Chicken and salad wrap held together with a silicon band from Little Bento World, shredded cheese, capsicum and some grapes.   Capsicum, Apple with cores cut out, zucchini slice and jatz. Apple, capsicum, half an avocado and wraps with Vegemite and cheese rolled and cut like sushi.  


Mandarin, capsicum, sugar free pikelets my other half cooked, leftover chicken and mountain bread wraps with Vegemite and cheese inside.   

Capsicum, cheese, leftover chicken nuggets with tomato sauce and half an avocado. 

Salada biscuits with Vegemite, cheese, capsicum, ham and persimmon sliced.     Zucchini slice, sugar free pikelets with butter, strawberries and shredded cheese. Sugar free coconut bread muffin with butter, strawberries, grapes, boiled egg, shredded cheese and zucchini slice.   Wraps with Vegemite and cheese, boiled egg, shredded cheese, capsicum and sugar free banana bread muffin with butter.   

Savoury cheese and veg muffin, tomato sauce for dipping, Apple slices with core cut with small cookie cutters, capsicum, grapes and cheese and Vegemite on wraps.   

Sugar free pikelets with butter, savoury biscuits with sour cream as dip, apple, lettuce leaves and capsicum. 

Cheese and Vegemite on wraps, grated carrot, plain homemade popcorn, shredded cheese, capsicum and sugar free pikelets with butter. 



Grated carrot, zucchini slice, plain homemade popcorn, shredded cheese and sugar free pikelets with butter.   

Zucchini slice, capsicum, cheese and Vegemite wraps, tomato sauce in the container for dipping and sugar free pikelets with butter. 

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