WIN 1 of 20 Printable Lunchbox planners in our giveaway! :)


***Please note we have changed when we will be drawing this giveaway. The first 20 people to comment before 5pm Sunday 21st June 2015 will win 1 of 20 printable (PDF) planners!*** thank you 🙂   

I am feeling generous today! To enter to win one of the 20 downloadable and printable versions of our Lunchbox Planner all you have to do is tell us why you think you deserve to win a copy of the file! (We will send you the file to download and print to use). In the future we will be printing them as notepads as well but can’t wait to share them with you all so this is our gift to all of our lovely followers as a thank you! Don’t forget to share this giveaway with your friends and family and the winners will be drawn when there have been at least 100 entries into the giveaway via this blog! 

***Please note we have changed when we will be drawing this giveaway. When we get 40 entries commented we will be announcing the winners!*** thank you 🙂 

This is a game of skill; the 20 most interesting/creative answers will be chosen by my team at the Lunchbox Ideas For Kids blog.
The 20 winners will be contacted via email only and so you must ensure you provide your name and a valid email address. The winners have 48 hours to respond to the winning email or the prize will be redrawn. Entries who do not provide an email address will not be valid entries. Open to Australian and overseas residents.

 ***Having trouble entering on your mobile device? Click on the title of the blog post then scroll down to the bottom of the page, click ‘View web version’, then scroll down to the bottom of the page again and click on ‘Post a comment’, then type your answer in the comment box. 

Now get cracking and share your entry in the comments below to enter this giveaway! 

Have a great week! 

From Anita @ Lunchbox Ideas For Kids 


9 thoughts on “WIN 1 of 20 Printable Lunchbox planners in our giveaway! :)”

  1. I deserve them because at this rate when they are both at school, jam sandwiches 5 days a week will not be good 😯 help me get foorganised 😉


  2. I deserve to win one because it would mean the kids can help to organise & take some responisbilty for their own lunches. It would make mornings much eaiser without the continual question of “what do you want on your lunch today?” & afternoons more pleasant without the “Mum why did you pack THAT in my lunch?” whinge.


  3. I think I deserve the lunchbox planner because I am simply hopeless!
    I have two boys who I have to plan for and they are complete opposites! One might want a sandwich, oranges and choc chip cookies while the other will then want cheese and spinach triangles, apple and crackers. I am at my wits end, every single day, trying to figure out what they will want and not have a single complaint when I go for pick-ups!
    Please pick me!!


  4. I would love one of these so my kids can help plan what’s in there lunch boxes and get them involved in making their lunches everyday and trying new things!


  5. We can sit down and organise what will go in each day’s lunchbox together, so that I don’t get stuck for ideas on what she would like and so that she doesn’t bring food home that is then wasted!
    Might even give me the motivation to dinner plan too… 😉


  6. With 3 boys- a newborn, 2 year old and 4 year old, this lunchbox planner will help me maintain some sanity in my days. My 2 older boys can be involved and I can even use it to help plan dinners! There will be no stopping me!


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