Roast chicken and legs 

I have had another win with getting the kids to eat healthier. I am cooking a roast chicken and some chicken legs for dinner. Well now we only have the roast chicken as the kids devoured the legs! 

To flavour it I rubbed my chicken stock paste I made all over the chicken and legs (breast side down with the whole chicken) and then sprinkled Rosemary, dried onion flakes, thyme and parsley all over with some freshly ground Himalayan salt. Then I poured in about 1 cup of chicken bone broth (stock) in the bottom of the pan. I sprayed the chicken with spray oil as well before getting 2 pieces of alfoil and joining them together by folding one edge with them together. I then sprayed the alfoil and placed a sheet of non stick baking paper onto the alfoil to stop it from sticking to the chicken and placed it in a preheated fan forced oven on 220degrees. Leave the chicken cooking for an hour or two until it’s cooked then take off the cover and let it cook to brown it off until you’re happy with the result. I couldn’t believe how much the kids loved them and they will have to wait for dinner for some more.

This chicken could be used for sandwiches or if you’re kids love chicken legs or wings etc cold then it’s a great lunchbox filler. It’s so much cheaper and yummier then buying a hot chook- and you know what is in and on it! Yummo! 


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