The two winners of the Neat 2 Eat giveaway are…..

For this giveaway from Neat 2 Eat you were all asked to answer the following question. -What is the one tip, recipe or idea you love the most that has helped making packing lunches easier, healthier or fun? You all did great answers and I won’t keep you waiting any longer…

The 2 winners of the Despicable Training Chopsticks are…

Emma B- ‘Get the kids involved!! Who knows better what they like than them? Also I find if they make/bake with you and see what’s in it and what’s involved they enjoy eating it so much more!’

Lindade- ‘Giving them choices.. I have four baskets..Dairy, fruit, brain food (veg) and “treat”. They get a wrap etc and then their choice of one from each basket. Convinced they have just “made” their own lunches, choices and decisions they only bring home crumbs. Those chopsticks are the cutest EVER.’

A big congratulations to the two winners and a massive thank you to Neat 2 Eat for the prizes and for everyone who took the time to enter the giveaway.

Thanks again,

From Anita 🙂

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