A day in the life of packing lunches for Dad Cody!

Yay! How cool is it to see Dad’s making lunches and making it important to be apart of their kids lives. Today’s blog entry is from Cody. Now it’s over to his post!

Hi Anita,

How are you?

I saw your post about meal prep for ourselves, so we can look after our families, and thought I’d send in a pic of an average days meals I prepare for myself. I prep the kids lunchboxes the night before school, but I usually get my partner and myself sorted every 3 days roughly. I utilize slow cookers a lot and will usually have two on at once with the oven baking some chicken or fish. This gives me a variety to work with.

In these meals I have honey soy beef in the red containers and homemade chicken and broccoli patties in the green. For carbohydrates I have black rice. Veggies, red capsicum and broccoli. Good fats, avocado. As a treat I have a banana, kiwi, and pomegranate smoothie with some branch chained amino acids added in. I like to drink lemon water throughout the day as well as water to help alkaline my system.

I am a stay at home dad now. I was in the Australian Army, but I am now retired from service due to injury. We have a blended family with 3 children aged 6, 5, and 3. My qualifications outside of military life are:
Cert III & IV in fitness
Cert I & II in advanced nutrition
Certified Children’s Trainer
Accredited Supplements Course

I am keen to send you some pics of our children’s lunchboxes this week and submit to you a couple of blog articles if you’re interested.



***I thought I’d attach a link to my Instagram page. I like to post pics about my meal plans and also exercise.



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