Sandwich free lunches for today and tomorrow 2nd and 3rd March 2015

So I didn’t post the lunch I packed my daughter for today at school and have now packed tomorrow’s lunches for both my son and daughter so here they are!


It is a simple lunch consisting of coconut bread, capsicum, an apple cut up and some cheese. Marlee had a big breakfast so I didn’t pack a massive lunch today.

Now for tomorrow’s lunches for the kids. Inside is salad consisting of lettuce, capsicum and carrot, grapes, cheese and water crackers, Savoury veg muffin and I added tomato sauce for dipping in and some coconut bread with butter. I hope they like it…


I am really loving basic food to pop in the lunchboxes that are either homemade healthier options or whole foods that aren’t processed at all. My kids love their fruit and vegetables which is awesome and eat most things. Marlee has requested some rice paper rolls for Wednesday so we will see how we go if we have time to make them…

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