Are you the winner of the Name My Stuff Giveaway??

So the winner of the Name My Stuff giveaway was chosen and not announced until now. I apologize for the delay as I have had a few things on the past couple of days and I am getting back on top of things!

There were a few comments who stuck out to me and the winning answer was from Sara A with the comment- ‘We lost lots of stuff. School sweaters hats containers and lots of hair bows (how do u lable that. Funny lost and found story my sister came back from camp with hardly any socks and couldnt figure what happened to all of them. Next year I was counselor in camp and was helping kids unpack and one kid came to camp with a bunch of socks labled with my sisters name.’ That cracked me up as I could imagine the surprise you would have had when seeing your sisters labelled socks in there, hahahaha!

The winner has been notified via email and has 48hrs to respond otherwise the next in line winner will be announced.

A massive thank you goes out to Name My Stuff for their great prize for the giveaway! I can honestly say the fridge to go is an amazing product and the winner will truly be impressed with it being included in their prize. A massive thank you to everyone who entered, it was great to read all your answers. Don’t forget to check out for their amazing products.

Have a great weekend everyone and we have another giveaway to be lined up for next week as well so stay tuned….

Thank you, from Anita 🙂

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