**And the winner of the Little Bento World Giveaway is…**

And the winner of the Little Bento World giveaway is….

KASEY ZENDLER!!! She has won a robot sandwich cutter with stamp, eye food picks and Shikiri bento lunchbox. Postage up to the cost of $12.00 is also included to one Australian address as well. The question everyone had to answer was- what is the one lunchbox food your kids can’t live without having each week?

And Kasey’s answer was- My gorgeous little bub was fed by tube for 10 months, she is now tube free and eating and every mouthful that she eats makes me beam from ear to ear 🙂
Her favourite is avocado and we have to be creative to keep her interested so we

Mash it, crush it, use dippers to dip it, and cut into shapes,
Sultanas for eyes, cheese stick nose, strawberry mouth makes a face!
Marching Avocado soldier people with hats made of cheese,
Avocado served creatively makes her say ‘More please!’ It was lovely to read her story about her daughter being tube fed for 10 months and who is now loving food and I loved the way she made it into a poem. Oh and I love how creative she gets with the avocado! What an awesome effort!

I will be emailing and notifying Kasey and she has 48hrs to respond otherwise the prize will be given to the next winner. A massive thank you to everyone for entering the giveaway- there were about 4 close winning answers who I had to pick a winner from. You all did great! And a massive thank you goes to Little Bento World for donating this amazing prize!

Check out their website www.littlebentoworld.com for their amazing products. Don’t forget to keep following my blog as there are going to be more and more giveaways in the future. Thank you.

From Anita 🙂

2 thoughts on “**And the winner of the Little Bento World Giveaway is…**”

  1. Thank you so much Anita I am so so so excited and this beautiful prize is going to help make my little Ava bear even more keen to eat! Yippeee thanks a million!!!


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