Review: Little Bento World Products

Today’s review is all about some amazing products that I got sent from Little Bento World. I received a package in the mail that had a set of 4 easy lunchboxes, a pack of some funky food picks, some square egg moulds and some silicon wrap bands.


Now before I go ahead with the review I must say that I had the loveliest note in with the goodies welcoming me to the world of blogging from Yvette. It was such a lovely thing to read- it felt quite surreal really! I will never forget that little note so thank you!

So- over the past couple of weeks I have been trialling out these products. The lunchboxes fit lots of yummy food in them and I was so excited to receive them- more then my kids who would be using them the most.

Great things about easy lunchboxes include:
– my kids love to choose which lunchbox colour they want for the day- they come with 4 different colored lids!
-they hold lots of food and the sections are great and I can send lots of homemade non packaged food in there.
– the kids don’t have to open lots of containers to see what they have for lunch.
-no washing up lots of containers for me- it’s as easy as tip out the yucky leftover food and rinse and pop the container and lid in the dishwasher (another thing I love about them)
– I can’t forget to mention that the lunchboxes have enough space for sandwiches if you want as well.
– the easy lunchboxes can go in the dishwasher, microwave, fridge and freezer so you can heat up your lunch if you want or pre pack the lunches and pop them in the freezer for some easy go to lunches or dinners and the bonus is the food will be cold for the kids lunches if need be too.
– they are airtight and they are a great price! $25 for 4 lunchboxes is a bargain! You can order them from here and read all of the information on the website

The only thing I would suggest is the easy lunchboxes be leakproof (only because my old lunchboxes that were similar were and I loved being able to send yogurt etc in there without it leaking when it was closed properly). This isn’t a problem any more as I have come up with a great solution- use food pouches or a small sealed container inside the lunchbox. If you’re using things like rock melon or water melon I put folded paper towel underneath and on top to soak any of the excess liquid so they are great still to use!


Now onto the silicon wrap bands. These things are super handy! I keep forgetting to take photos of me using them but they are great for using around your wraps inside the lunchbox, tying up packets of food that have been open, holding apples together after you have sliced them to keep them from going brown and for storing in the lunchbox, keeping the serviette held down on the top of my bottle of milk kefir so it could ferment and breathe, popping it around celery or asparagus or any food in the fridge

as they are all safe. They are easy to use and my daughter loves the bright colours of them too! (Ok, so do I! Hehe). Oh and I also love that they can go in the dishwasher for easy cleaning and I don’t have to worry about them breaking as they seem strong so far when using them. These are definitely something I never would have went out and bought but have found them so useful and great! Here is a link to check out the silicon wrap bands at Little Bento World- They cost $10.00 for a pack of 5 which is great and they come in varying sizes in the pack so they are so useful for many different things.


Next is the food picks. I have to say, I never thought I would enjoy using food picks, sandwich cutters etc. But! The amount of excitement and joy these little things bring to my kids faces is so cool! My daughter had to have matching foods to the colors of the picks when she was placing them in her lunchbox and because Marlee had some in hers Darcy wanted them in his! I also love the fact they don’t go down the hole in the sink if I forget they are in there as the head of them is big enough to stop them with the ones we got. They are easy to clean, in the sink or dishwasher and the bright colours are awesome too- I love bright things! They are definitely not something in the past I would go out and buy however I am very tempted now to go buy some funky kebab sticks for fruit etc to go on or some other cute picks for the kids as they fight over them! I’m afraid of starting to buy more and it becoming an addiction to be honest! You can check out the cool food picks we got here The ones I got were called hello people food picks but there are so many to choose from it makes it hard to not want to buy lots of different ones. This particular pack came with 8 food picks for $8.00. I think I need to go check their website for some more for me! Oops, I mean the kids!


Ok, last but definitely not least is the egg moulds. They are called Monbento egg moulds. These are super cute when you do them properly. When I have used them my eggs haven’t been big enough so the result wasn’t as good as it could be so I look forward to using them again. I don’t think I would have bought these myself if they weren’t sent to me as I didn’t think bento style lunches were my thing. I am changing my mind I think! Thank you Yvette for opening my eyes to the world of bento-ing! I am learning heaps and enjoying trying new things. Marlee absolutely loves that the eggs come out with words printed on them- in her words they are ‘coolio’! Haha!

The egg moulds I have are freezer and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning too which is awesome. I love any product that can go in the dishwasher, at least I know if I put it in there that it is safe. The pack comes with two egg moulds in it- one says BON APPETITE and the other says EGG and they only cost $8 for them both. I can’t forget to mention that you can use them as little containers to hold food (or small treats) as they close and open easily too! You can buy them online here-

A massive thank you goes out to Yvette at Little Bento World for all her helpful advice, tips and friendly service. I have purchased products from her previously and she has been great to deal with and her sending me this pack to trial was an awesome thing to do and I appreciate it.

Thank you again Little Bento World for opening my eyes to the world of bento-ing and to the world of blogging! I am excited to see what else I can create in these great lunch boxes etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

From Anita 🙂

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