Lunch for today 10.02.2015

Marlee is so excited about her brand new lunchbox we got sent in the mail by Little Linky to use. At my daughters school they put their lunchboxes in their bags after second lunch and any leftover food needs to be thrown out. Well I won’t need to worry anymore as we have a fridge to go insulated lunch bag, a new lunchbots lunchbox to fit inside with a small metal container to go inside as well. How awesome!!! Oh and we also got a ecococoon water bottle.

Packed inside is- leftover Panko crumbed lamb chop, capsicum sticks, processed sugar free banana bread with butter, pork crackling in her little container inside as a treat, a cheese and Vegemite wrap cut up and an apple cored using cookie cutters after thinly slicing them and soaking them in salty water to stop browning. Marlee is so excited to take her new bag, she gave me the biggest hug when I showed her the goodies and said thank you mum you’re the best mum ever! How sweet, and I am not the one to thank at all. Little Linky is the one to thank for these!

Oh and I checked too that Marlee’s easy lunchboxes fit as well so now I can rotate them! Yay!


I am feeling very blessed at the moment that businesses are sending me products for free to use and try for my kids. I appreciate it so much and it is definitely making it hard to choose which one I like the best as they are all great for different reasons. So thank you to Little Linky and all of the other businesses who send me products to review or just as a gift, you all rock!!

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