Lunch for tomorrow 02.02.2015

It’s that time again… Packing lunches for school tomorrow. While I cooked dinner earlier I made my daughter and partners lunches.

In the wraps are chicken dipped in cornflour and moroccan seasoning mixed together and cooked in olive oil and butter. There is also capsicum, carrot, lettuce and cheese.

In my daughters lunchbox is homemade bread with butter inside, carrot and capsicum leftover from dinner, fresh pineapple cut into pieces and homemade processed sugar free banana bread with butter in the middle of it. Yummo! Hopefully tomorrow’s lunch gets eaten as she hasn’t been eating much at school the past week.




2 thoughts on “Lunch for tomorrow 02.02.2015”

  1. Hi Anita. you recently posted your banana bread recipe and it had no sugar at all in it, but I have a copy of an older one you posted and that recipe does have sugar in it. have you now cut out the sugar content completely?


    1. Hi there. Yes I have now changed it to have no sugar as its a personal preference as the kids are eating it without the added sugar. Add it in if you want 😃 I personally like it with a little bit for a more sweeter taste but if they are eating it without the sugar I figure why add it in? Up to you 😊


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