*** Winners of the My Lil Pouch GIVEAWAY!!!! ***


Everyone was asked to answer the following question:

*What is the weirdest food combination that you or your children love to have for lunch?*

And the 3 winners of the game of skill giveaway are….

1. Charlotte Knudsen with her entry- “I love liver pate on waffles, and my kids likes to dip their fish fingers in orange juice. My husband thinks weโ€™re all crazy.”

2. Raeleigh Schulke with her entry- “My 2 1/2 year loves having a Nutella sandwich but also had to dunk it in worstershire sauce the other day. How can that be tasty!!!!”

3.ย Candice with her entry- “Cheese and banana toasted sandwiches. ๐Ÿ™‚ yummy.”

The THREE most creative answers win an awesome My Lil Pouch sample pack that includes:

1 x 100ml Yellow Pouch
1 x 200ml Yellow Pouch

1 x 100ml Clear Pouch
1 x 200ml Clear Pouch
1 x 300ml Clear Pouch
1 x 500ml Clear Pouch

1 x 200ml Blue Camo Pouch
1 x 200ml Pink Camo Pouch
1 x 200ml All Stars Pouch

Postage to one Australian address per winner is also included.

I have no idea how some of you or your kids could eat some of the combinations that were sent in. The fish fingers in orange juice just sounds so weird to me and especially the banana and cheese toasted sandwhich (wouldn’t it be all mushy and grosse!!!) and the nutella sandwich in worcestirshire sauce just seems so crazy being sweet and tangy/salty….. what makes you think of this sort of combination?! hahaha. Anyway, there you have it.

A MASSIVE thank you goes out to My Lil Pouch for their amazing giveaway packs, the winners are very lucky!! And a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who entered and shared the giveaway with their friends and family.

I will email the winners and they have 48hrs to respond otherwise the prize will be given to the next winner. Don’t forget to check out http://www.mylilpouch.com.au for their amazing products!

Keep an eye out on the blog for another exciting giveaway to be announced in the next week…. I wonder what it will be!?

Thank you,

From Anita ๐Ÿ™‚

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