Lunch for tomorrow 28.01.2015

I’m organized already for tomorrow’s lunch which is great! My daughter came home from her first day of prep/school and brought me her lunchbox from today for me to clean out. Instead of packing it later tonight or early tomorrow morning, I packed a new lunchbox for her straight away. Lucky I have four of the easy lunch boxes ready to use each week!

Anyway- here is her lunch all ready to go! It includes- a homemade cheese and bacon bread roll with butter in the middle, capsicum sticks, carrot sticks leftover from making spirooli veggies for dinner, rock melon cut into cubes, sour cream mixed with some homemade milk kefir to get some great probiotics into her and some homemade processed sugar free banana bread with butter in the middle. I hope this is enough, although I think it should be as she didn’t eat all her lunch today!

Phew! We survived the first day! I’m buggered after getting up at 5am to go running/walking before the early start of getting the kids ready for school drop offs. I must say though my daughter made it easy as she was so excited to go this morning!


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