****My Lil Pouch GIVEAWAY!!!****



The wonderful team at My Lil Pouch have kindly donated some great products for three lucky winners to win in our giveaway!

Giveaway Terms and Conditions:

The THREE most creative answers will win an awesome sample pack that includes:
1 x 100ml Yellow Pouch
1 x 200ml Yellow Pouch

1 x 100ml Clear Pouch
1 x 200ml Clear Pouch
1 x 300ml Clear Pouch
1 x 500ml Clear Pouch

1 x 200ml Blue Camo Pouch
1 x 200ml Pink Camo Pouch
1 x 200ml All Stars Pouch

Postage to one Australian address per winner is also included in the giveaway sample pack, how amazing is that!?

This is a game of skill; the three most interesting/creative answers will be chosen by my team at the Lunchbox Ideas For Kids Blog.

All you have to do is answer the following question in the comments section and follow the terms and conditions.

What is the weirdest food combination that you or your children love to have for lunch?

***This giveaway closes 7pm AEST Thursday 29th January 2015 and the winners will be contacted via email only and so you must ensure you provide your name and a valid email address. The winners have 48 hours to respond to the winning email or the prize will be redrawn. Entries who do not provide an email address will not be valid entries. Open to Australian residents only and the judges decision is final. Once we have permission from the winners we will announce the winners on this blog, lunchbox ideas for kids Facebook page and lunchbox ideas for kids 🙂 Facebook group as soon possible.

Have trouble entering on your mobile device? Click on the title of the blog post then scroll down to the bottom of the page, click ‘View web version’, then scroll down to the bottom of the page again and click on ‘Post a comment’, then type your answer in the comment box. Good luck! 🙂

Don’t forget to check out www.mylilpouch.com and their great products and to share this wonderful giveaway with your friends and family so they can enter this giveaway as well.

This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

Get creative everyone, I look forward to reading your entries and thank you once again My Lil Pouch for this awesome giveaway!

From Anita

24 thoughts on “****My Lil Pouch GIVEAWAY!!!****”

  1. The weirdest thing my 5yr old son is loving at the moment is, “Always Fresh Canned Prawns” on fresh bakery bread, slathered in butter 🙂


  2. My sons fave combo is anything with yogurt, the weirdest yet is pasta sauce, pasta with yogurt. Eeeeew but sometimes I end up eating the left overs haha


  3. I love liver pate on waffles, and my kids likes to dip their fish fingers in orange juice. My husband thinks we’re all crazy.


  4. ‘Breakfast for lunch’ is a favourite packed lunch for my preppy (a simple boiled egg, cold sausage, fresh tomatoes and bread and butter soldiers). Not weird to me but she thinks it’s hilarious that she gets breakfast for lunch!


  5. Miss 6 loves her “pizza sandwich” – a sandwich with cheese, salami, sundried tomatoes & black olives. Bit too soggy for me, I have to toast mine!


  6. One of the weirdest recipes I would have to say is pumpkin dumplings in a sweeten coconut cream with an complimentary egg on top just before serving (the egg will semi cook in the heat)


  7. Although not to weird my lil fussy eater is going through a crumpet phase, loves nutella and crumpet atm he thinks my egg and crumpet is weird but its sooo yum


  8. My 2 1/2 year loves having a Nutella sandwich but also had to dunk it in worstershire sauce the other day. How can that be tasty!!!!


  9. Something weird my kids and I like to eat is icecream on toast…. Hubby thinks it’s so weird. I get it from my grandad, he used to sneak me this for breakfast sometimes if we had sleepovers 🙂


  10. We do weird well in our house 🙂 Our eldest loves Peanut butter and mayo sandwiches, I don’t even know how she came up with that one. I love peanut butter and strawberry jam. Our youngest loves olives and has these in a container with sultanas, salty and sweet 🙂
    Our middle two are just straight up ham salad, but with the works, they’d have beetroot and pineapple on it too if it didn’t make the bread soggy. Thanks for the competition, its been great reading the submissions 🙂


  11. Broccoli and yogurt!!!!!

    My 18 month old found broccoli on his lap after dinner and dipped it in his yogurt dessert, berry yogurt and broccoli, yuck! But he loved it. Maybe the new “vegie dip”?? Lol


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