Last packed lunch for the year :)

So it’s a happy and a sad moment today. My big girl has her last packed lunch for Kindy for the year and she is off to prep next year! The happy moment is she doesn’t need more lunches packed for a while and the sad bit is the same reason. It’s a love hate relationship I have. Next year I will pick up my game with packing more nutritious and more protein and fat filled lunches to help keep her fuller for longer as when she eats high carb food in the form of processed breads and biscuits and lots of fruit etc she gets hungry quicker and all the time! My kids love their fruit and veggies which is awesome so will be using them as the carbs they eat but still limiting them as I know it makes them hungry quick still or I will add some high fat foods with them. Not everyone wants to eat this way or feed their kids this way and that’s ok. Whatever works for each person is great. I am all about being flexible and doing the best you can with what you have. I have found that it works for me and my family that’s all.

And I just HAVE to share this beautiful photo I just took whilst out walking this morning. How beautiful!



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